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All the essentials for connections, including quick disconnect products, ring and spade terminals, butt connectors, ferrules, and more.
A wide range of hardware, including ABS plastic, backstraps, cable ties, sleeving, grommets, heat shrink, spacers, snap bushings, clips and screws.
Keep it together with high-quality 3M tape, tesa® tape, CA glue, Duramix, silicone, adhesives and other sealants designed for installers.
Fuse Products
Fuses, LED fuses, in-line fuse holders, fuse blocks, fuse panels, circuit breakers, fuse taps and time delay fuses available in a wide range of options.
Wire Cable Amp Kits
Audio connectivity solutions for speaker wire, specialty wire, RCA cables, amplifier install kits, power cables, capacitors, gauge reducers and more.
System Components
Sound system add-ons, including acoustic baffles, dual cone speakers, port tubes, speaker grilles and hardware, barrier strips and terminal cups.
Speakers & Accessories
Sound system add-ons, including acoustic baffles, dual cone speakers, port tubes, speaker grilles and hardware, barrier strips and terminal cups.
Bracketron Mounts
Keep your device accessible and powered up with mobile phone/tablet mounts for car dashboards, vents or windshields, and device charging cables and accessories.
LED Headlights
Need description.
Tools & Testers
The essentials for every installer! Hand tools, grounding or soldering kits, utility knives, crimping tools, wire strippers, circuit testers, multimeters and more.
Everything needed for tinting and custom fabrication, including automotive liners/carpet, build tools, vinyl wrap/tinting application and removal tools, cutting tools and more.
Sound Damping
Ballistic Sound Damping® kits and barrier products, designed to efficiently convert vibration to thermal energy and reduce road noise.
Mobile Solutions
Products designed for custom automotive installers, with steel spreaders, a variety of template sets, bit trays, bearing kits, template tape and more.
Protective Covers
Keep the vehicles you are working on safe and clean with protective vehicle covers, floor mats, and more.
Retail Program
Retailers can display all of their Install Bay polybag products on custom, free-standing displays.
Ballistic - Get the Best Sound Quality from Your Install

Sound Damping

Prevent Road Noise and Vibration!

Ballistic Sound Damping Restores Your Vehicle’s Audio Performance

Road noise and vibrations cause automotive speakers to distort and alter the sound. Once Ballistic is applied, speakers are installed on a solid reinforced mounting surface and the unwanted road noise and vibrations are converted into thermal energy. The result? Better sound performance now that your speakers are able to perform as they were originally designed. Experience more music and less road noise!

30% Thicker!

Ballistic’s competition-grade series has more mass per square foot and is up to 30% thicker than competing products on the market. More mass means more sound absorption and a more effective product for eliminating road noise and vibrations.

No Smell!

Most sound damping materials smell like a road paving project! Ballistic is specifically designed to eliminate this odor problem without sacrificing effectiveness. Don't just take our word for it, pick up the other guy's stuff and take a big whiff.

Easy Adhesive

Ballistic's revolutionary adhesive, Perma-Stick makes it easy to apply the material to almost any surface. Humidity and temperature extremes can play havoc on inferior sound damping. Perma-Stick's chemical make-up is designed specifically to work in the harsh automotive environment.

Get the Best Quality for your Install. Choose from Two Levels of Performance:

Ballistic Series - Competition Grade

Ballistic Series - Competition Grade

  • Jet black finish with silver logo
  • 2.2mm thickness
  • 0.72 mass per square foot

Ballistic is a proprietary butyl rubber composite with an aluminum constraining layer for vibration damping. Designed and engineered in the United States, Ballistic is extremely efficient at converting vibration to thermal energy. This unique formula allows the material to easily conform and adhere to sheet metal and most other hard surfaces. Ballistic Sound Damping Material is up to 30% thicker than competing products and has more mass per ft2 than any other damping product available.

Ballistic Series - Competition Grade

Hollow Point - Performance Grade

  • Black aluminum back with black ghosted logo
  • 2mm thickness

Ballistic Hollow Point is a unique butyl rubber composite with an aluminum constraining layer for vibration damping. This series was developed to deliver incredible performance at an entry-level price point. The lightweight construction allows the material to stick and adhere very well and work in a variety of applications. Ballistic Hollow Point is the perfect synergy of weight, performance and cost, delivering more mass per ft2. The use of Ballistic's proven virgin butyl composite guarantees a significant improvement in reducing road noise and vibrations.

Don’t Forget the Essentials!

Barrier Products

Protect the inside of the vehicle even further with foam liner carpet pads, aluminum seam sealing tape, and sound damping materials.

Installation Tools & Demo Display

Get the right tools for the job! Ballistic has a professional grid roller and application rollers for installation. A demo set for your table-top display allows you to demonstrate Ballistic’s sound damping performance so that your customer can hear the difference for themselves.